How The Dubadees Came To Be:

My youngest son Ben has always been very creative.  At age 2 he started drawing Mr. Potato Heads - which he pronounced as "Dubadee" (for potato!?)   For some time, all Ben would draw was Dubadees - sheets upon sheets of them! - all adorable (see one of his original Dubadee drawings on the left)

Fast forward nine years:  On a family trip we were reminiscing and somehow got onto the subject of the Dubadees.  I suggested to Ben that they would make fun greeting cards and be an exciting venture for him to be involved with.  So, the two of us brainstormed some design ideas, Ben redrew his beloved characters and...voila!  the Dubadee card line was born.

This colourful greeting card collection is a collaboration between myself, my 11 year old son, and a 2 year old's obsession with his Mr. Potato Head drawings - Dubadees!

I hope they bring a smile to your face.




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