"Thank you Karen for giving me reasons every day to send one of your beautiful cards to someone I love.  Your messages and accompanying photos capture the essence, time and time again of what makes life good and what there is to look forward to."
Dr. Judith Fletcher, View Laser Skin Rejuvination, Delta, BC

"I love your cards and you keep doing a good job!  I am glad you are doing what you are doing - making beautiful, meaningful cards in a world where it seems more people are going in the other direction..." 
K. Cho, St. Clair Greetings, Toronto, ON

"Everyone loves your cards!  Thank you for being so creative."
Sharon, Through The Looking Glass, Nelson, BC

"Your cards are so genuine.  I love what you put on the back."
Karen Vandrimmelen, Artisan, Chilliwack, BC

"Karen, your cards are beautifully presented and always sell very well for us.  It's a pleasure dealing with you."
K. Gabbott, Red Horses, West Vancouver, BC

"Thanks, as always Karen.  We love your cards, as do our customers."
S.Booth, Global Newsagents, West Vancouver, BC

"Well, your cards are a big hit.  I knew they would be.  I get many return customers coming in just for one of your cards.  They love them!"
Carrie Thachuk, The Passionate Home, Langley, BC

"Looking forward to your cards!  Still popular here! :)"
Shandrea O'Brien, The Stem Floral Design, Invermere, BC

"Everyone loves your work."
Pam Schacher,  Flower Affairs, Lloydminster, AB

"Your cards are so gorgeous."
Shirley Henly, Dancing Orchid, Sidney, BC

"Thanks for the prompt response; love your cards!"
Carolyn M., Regina, SK

"Thank you, and again I just want to say how beautiful your work is and how touching it is."
Lety Bravo, San Jose, USA

"Your photos are beautiful and the quotes so poignant and helpful."
Ruth K., Ottawa, ON

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